Matthew Campagna

Photographer, Web-designer

Seoul, South Korea

I am a photographer, web-designer and American expat living in Seoul, South Korea. I first came to Seoul in 2002, and have been here off and on for a total of ten years or so. I returned to Seoul in 2012, and have been here ever since.

Before that, I graduated Hallmark Institute of Photography in 2009, then worked in commercial photography studios in Dallas and Los Angeles. Eventually, I determined that I far prefer photography as a personal pursuit, and have mostly stepped out of professional photography.

Photographically, I gravitate primarily towards documentary, travel and landscape photography, though I occasionally shoot portraiture, events, concerts, etc. by request, or as opportunity presents itself.

I work full-time at The Turning Gate, developing Backlight, a website creation and photo publishing application for photographers, and the platform on which this very website is built.

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